Top 10 Diagnostic Centre and Full Body Checkup Price in Delhi NCR

Full body health checkup prices in Delhi depend on the diagnostic centres and tests included in the package. As packages have predetermined tests, they generally have at least a 30-50% discount compared to the individual tests. Moreover, most diagnostic centres also provide special concessions like free home sample collection and doctor or dietician consultation. Diagnostic Centres in Delhi for Blood Test, MRI, CT, X- Ray and Ultrasound.



Below is the tentative list of full-body health checkup prices by different diagnostic centres in Delhi.


Diagnostic Center

Price Range (Rs)

     Redcliff Lab

     Rs 699 to Rs 4000

     Thyrocare Technology

     Rs 799 to Rs 6400

     Dr. Lal Pathlabs

     Rs 999 to Rs 5000

     SRL Lab

     Rs 1399 to Rs 5999

     Metropolis Healthcare

     Rs 2800 to Rs 9000

     Max Lab

     Rs 999 to Rs 4200

     Fortis Hospital Delhi

     Rs 2999 to Rs 11999

     Apollo Diagnostics

     Rs 1999 to Rs 5800

     Healthians Lab

     Rs 699 to Rs 2999

     House of Diagnostics

     Rs 999 to Rs 4999


Full Body Checkup Test List

Below is the list of the most common test included in a full body health checkup package. The common individual components with the profiles are also given. This is a reference list and a user should confirm from their select diagnostic center about the inclusion of the parameter.

  • Complete blood count or CBC
  • Kidney Function or KFT
  • Lipid Profile or Cholesterol profile
  • Liver Function or LFT
  • Thyroid Profile or TFT
  • Urine Analysis
  • Iron Profile
  • Vitamin Profile
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiac or Heart Risk
  • Female Hormone
  • Cancer
  • Other Tests


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