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Knee arthroscopic surgery is a treatment that helps the surgeons out there to review the knee joint. In this procedure, they will not make a large cut through the skin or other tissues. This technique helps them to treat different knee problems as well. But some individuals have a doubt whether this is a painful procedure? If you have the same question after this read, there will be no such question at all.

Pain during arthroscopic knee surgery:

When a person is going for arthroscopic knee surgery, there is no need for them to worry about pain. During any kind of surgery, pain is common, and an individual will be able to bear it as well. Doctors make a small cut which gets healed very soon, unlike those surgeries where cuts are large.

During the treatment, the knee arthroscopy surgeon in Jaipur will give some anesthesia to the patient so that they can cope up with the pain. The anesthesia effect will not let them face pain even for a single second during the procedure.

What contributes to pain after knee arthroscopic surgery?

After arthroscopic knee surgery, it is also essential for an individual to take care of certain factors. If they are not taking care of these factors, it will be difficult to recover appropriately. The factors contributing to pain after knee arthroscopic surgery are as follows:-

Swelling after knee arthroscopic surgery:

If there is swelling over the joint due to any inappropriate activity of an individual, it contributes to pain. After surgery, the chances of swelling from the doctor's side are almost negligible because minor swelling will be there for sure due to the cut. But if the patient's body is not responding to the surgery performed, chances of swelling will be high and also the activities in which they are engaging.


Infection sometimes also contributes to a lot of problems. After the surgery, doctors suggest certain medications so that there will be no infection and the individual can get rid of the pain as well. But if they are avoiding so the chances of infection will have a boost, and pain will become constant.

Spontaneous osteonecrosis:

Spontaneous osteonecrosis is a condition that is directly related to knee arthroscopy. There will be constant pain in the inner side of the knee. This especially takes place in middle age women if they have gone for knee arthroscopy surgery.

Obesity has any effect:

Obesity is also a major problem that contributes to pain after knee arthroscopy. It is essential that you are maintaining your weight because apart from the fact the cut was small, there was something has done with the joint, and it requires recovery.

Here we have come to an end and discuss knee arthroscopic surgery pain. Eventually, there will be no need for an individual to face paint for a longer duration if they are paying attention to everything. But if they are not paying attention, things might get worse and contributes to pain. Thus, after surgery, approach the doctor timely for a checkup so that they can keep track of recovery and help you in having a speedy recovery.

~ Dr. Arun Partani

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Posted on: 2021-12-14 15:36:34