Here is How You Can Recover Your Body from a Day of Sitting

01/7 Are you stuck in a desk job?

If you have a desk job, you would probably know the pain of sitting all day long. Back pain, irritation in eyes are a few common problems we all go through. Staying sedentary at a place for a long period of time can cause great discomfort and can also give way to various health-related problems. Here are some tricks that can help you recover from such common problems.

02/7 Neck pain

Staring at the laptop screen throughout the day can cause severe pain in your neck and spine. This happens because it takes more muscle to hold your neck at 30 degrees to work on the computer than holding it straight.

How to tackle this: Place your laptop and computer in such a way that the middle of the screen is in level with your chin. This way your chin will stay neutral and you would not have to bend your neck for working on the laptop.

03/7 Lack of concentration

Sitting on a stagnant position throughout the day restricts your blood flow, as a result, less amount of oxygen reaches your brain. This leaves you foggy-brain and you find it difficult to concentrate.

How to tackle this: Try to move as much as you can. This will make you more efficient and you would be able to concentrate in a better way. Take a walk after every hour and make sure that you walk every time you are talking to someone on the mobile phone.

04/7 Depression

As per a study Published in American Journal of Preventative Medicine, middle-aged women who sit at the same position for more than seven hours a day are more likely to suffer from the problem of depression as compared to those who sit four or fewer hours daily.

How to tackle this: Include 30 minutes of walk every day in your routine. People who spend some time with nature tend to attract less negative thoughts. Dwelling on negative thoughts increase the risk of depression.

05/7 Lower back pain

This is a common medical condition faced by everyone who have a sitting job. Slouching at a desk for a very long period of time leads to backache. Poor posture is another reason behind this.

How to tackle this: Try to improve your body posture. Pain from poor posture can take a lot of time to recover. Use a separate keyboard even when you are using a laptop to avoid slouching over.

06/7 Leg pain

When your legs do not move or stretch for a long time, they start to ache. We all experience this pain from immobility where you feel relieved only after you stretch your leg muscles or dip your legs in a bucket of warm water.

How to tackle this: Reposition your chair to ensure that your legs are comfortable. Keep your feet flat on the floor and adjust the height of your chair in such a way that your knees are either at the same level as your hips or slightly higher.

07/7 Fat storage

We are less active when we are at work. A lot of us are even guilty of sitting immediately after eating our food. This leads to fat deposition in our waistline. Our inactive lifestyle decreases the activity of the fat-burning enzyme.

How to tackle this: Take microbreak of 15 minutes every two hours. Also, take a small walk of 10 minutes after having your lunch; do not start working immediately after having your food.


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